Monday, 7 March 2011

Long John No Silver

At times I feel like I have a faithful parrot sat upon my shoulder in observation of my Long John No Silver-like limping around while endeavouring to piece together a life which remains is in both financial and emotional tatters.  Every now and then I look up from my task to find he is still there, on his now familiar perch, waiting to see where I plan to lead him next. On occasion, I wonder how many parrots have single handedly sunk their loved ones ship and still kept their lofty perch, but there lies another story.

It was to parents evening I took him last night. As ever, he sat patiently waiting for an opportunity to impart some of his beautifully memorised knowledge.  Only the Head, his wife and, of course I, are aware of the devastating effects that a reckless life on stormy waters has had on me in this role as parrot keeper.  To the rest of the world, and certainly everyone else at parents evening, I am, without a doubt everything one would expect to see in a fellow parent.  I wait patiently in line hoping to hear my children are happy and untouched by the wreckage which is now all that remains of our lives.

To almost everyone present there is no evidence to lead anyone to believe that I am anything other than the woman with
a knowledgeable husband faithfully perched at her shoulder waiting for an opportunity to speak.  

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