Friday, 30 September 2011

Frustrating rewards

During my early days in the financial services industry I remember being told the level at which one is remunerated is, in general, influenced not only by the expertise of the individual concerned but also by the level of frustration  endured throughout their working day.

While patiently awaiting the imminent opening of a retail superstore this morning, I was amused to hear a gentleman behind me say they were ten seconds late in unlocking the doors.  Hearing these pedantic words prompted me to take stock of the ongoing delays my own fruitless efforts have encountered recently and left to me conclude the acquisition of any reward is not without its frustrations,

This week alone I have endeavoured to,

·        Deliver my ten year old son to a paint ball party only to have my car driven into while stationary

·        Go out for coffee with a friend only to have my windscreen shattered from a stone thrown up by a speeding police car

·        Tidy my sixteen year old son’s pit of a bedroom only to injure my back   

·        Wear the only remaining piece of gold jewellery I own only to lose it


·        Accept the offer of a garden shed and tumble dryer from my parents who lives two hundred miles away only to find a daily conversation with the courier is getting me nowhere.

Reluctant do anything for fear of seeing more of my well intentioned efforts unravel,  I took a moment to reflect on my frustrations and while doing so remembered that also during this week I have been,

·        Gifted a beautiful set of patio furniture from which I can enjoy the wonderful Indian summer that has come our way,

·        Accepted three invitations to dinner and lunch from friends

·        Received a “new to me” winter coat I couldn’t like more had I chosen and purchased it myself

·        Acquired two shelves of beautifully bound literary classics for my son to aid him in his English Literature degree next year

·        Received a link to a spoof website that lightened my mood immensely


·        Received an apologetic phone call from my overworked courier to make arrangements to collect and deliver the long awaited, and to date impossible to acquire, shed.

Knowing all too well success is a road that is always under construction this week’s frustrations have illustrated that if my ship doesn’t come in immediately, it isn’t always necessary to spend every last ounce of energy swimming out to meet it. Sometimes, a tide on the turn together with a fair wind will achieve some satisfying results and leave me, like my adjudicator from the Financial Ombudsman’s Service, with a few days off before returning to minor daily irritations, and her with two weeks holiday ahead of her before she has to address the questions I have posed about HBOS in my eight page letter .

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