Friday, 7 December 2012

Priceless Principals

Fifteenth century Parisian nobleman and moralist author Francois de la Rochefoucauld, once said, “The glory of great men should always be measured by the means they have used to acquire it” and while the parliamentary commission on banking standards continue to haul HBOS’s infamous Lord Stevenson, Sir James Crosby and Andy Hornby over luke warm coals my own attentions have once again turned  to the lengthy process of compiling my overvaluation case against the Bank of Scotland.

Now in receipt of both the Financial Ombudsman Service's award of compensation for their mishandling of my case and their written assurances that my Bank of Scotland complaint will be, from now on, closely monitored throughout its journey towards a swift and fair conclusion,  I wrongly assumed it would be the Bank of Scotland themselves who would initially respond to my accusations of mis-selling. However, according to their most recent piece of correspondence it is to be Birmingham Midshires who are under instruction to take up the reins of my complaint and it is they who now wish me to outline my concerns and indicate to them what I would consider to be a favorable outcome.

A little shocked to find I am addressing yet another group of individuals in my quest for justice, I am even more surprised to discover that twenty one months after I first appealed to the FOS to investigate my complaint, and almost four years since I  originally complained to HBOS, it is not only my adversaries who have undergone a transformation but my own approach to our circumstances has altered too. Whereas once I would have been elated to receive a mere whisper of compassion and eternally grateful at the suggestion of a stay of execution, after four excruciating years in HBOS induced financial purgatory my broadening education of all things bankster leaves me with no plans to plead for debt forgiveness on compassionate grounds.  Instead I recently wrote the following in reply to Birmingham Midshires' request.

“You have asked me to give you an understanding of what a satisfactory outcome would be for me.  I have lost my home, my livelihood, my financial future and my health and because of HBOS’s actions I have been persecuted by debt collectors for four years.  This has resulted in PSTS for both my husband and I together with long standing depression, threats of suicide on my husband’s part and in my case the complete loss of every hair on my body.  My five children have had no alternative but to stand by and watch my husband and I crumble while HBOS have, for four very long years, showed no empathy, no understanding and would not even allow us to cover our mortgage payments with rental income to preserve our home for the future.  As you will now no doubt understand from what I have said, our losses are huge and have extended far beyond mere financial redress.

Given the above, what would you consider a ‘suitable outcome’?”

Francoise de la Rochefoucauld also said, “The principal point of cleverness is to know how to value things just as they deserve” and with this new found perspective firmly in mind I now await, with interest, Birmingham Midshires’ reply.


  1. How eloquent Caroline and how terribly frustrating. Responding to their question with a question was entirely sensible. Quite how or why your matter is now with Midshires is another matter entirely. Did they buy or were they assigned your alleged debt and how come you found out when they wrote to you. Surely they have your file and that being so why don't they read it and then seek to have a settlement discussion. I wonder how these guy (and it will be mostly guys) have the brass face to take their monthly salary. As with HBOS Chairman the concept of earnings is illusory they don't earn anything, they are merely rewarded. Don't hold your breath on the PARLIAMENTARY COMMISSION OF ENQUIRY making any traction. It is mere diversionary theatre. If any of them meant it they would have Stevenson and other arrested on the spot - it is within their power. They are a bunch of vacuous, vapid blow-hards.

    Chin up and keep going Caroline - it may not feel like it but you are winning. Ashley

  2. Thanks for your words of encouragement. No idea why Birmingham Midshire are investigating my HBOS complaint but you are correct in your observations that the results I have enjoyed to date do not feel in the least bit like winning. I still live in hope that what I continue to do with my writing and fighting might still, eventually, have some baring on how these banksters and their puppets deal with their victims in the future.

  3. From our experience if HBOS and our ongoing complaint of mis-selling and fraudulent misrepresentation of our mortgage they seem to be the kicking "we know nothing but you are wrong" brigade.

    If it is ok I will email you directly with our experiences?

    1. I look forward to hearing from you Mike. My email is