Saturday, 2 April 2011

Fame and no Fortune

I have been told by four separate professionals over the past two weeks I need to take my plight to the press and shame the "non listening" banks into seeing persecuting me is not going to be a lucrative pastime. I am not a "won't pay" just a "can't pay" and the banks themselves should fully understand the difference having only recently been bailed out, big time, themselves by the tax payer. I am sure going to the press is the right action to take because, if nothing else, it will create an opportunity to increase consumer awareness of the banks ongoing bully boy tactics and double standards. However, the idea of involving the media fills me with trepidation as I still carry a huge burden of guilt.

I fear the media may decide to add to my plight if they believe, as did a fair few people at the time, I must have known what my husband was up to but just chose to turn a blind eye to it so I could continue to enjoy a comfortable life style. After all, I am a retired financial services professional who should have recognised I was married to a man who was incapable of producing the returns he spoke of.
Not a  day goes by without me wondering if I did, indeed, fool myself into ignoring the writing on the wall. I still continue to rack my brain for clues I should have spotted which may have led to me having an earlier understanding of the reckless course he had set for us. My only defence is love must have made me blind as I did not even suspect he had or even could acquire forty four credit cards. It did not occur to me he would consider committing to, or indeed be allowed to commit to, interest payments of £25,000 per month. I had no idea a quite sensitive man such as he was capable of such madness because I trusted him implicitly and his explanations to any questions I asked were articulate and oh so plausible.

I know the time to act is nigh because I have exhausted all other avenues but I can only hope I will sound half as plausible as my husband did to me when I approach the media for their help.

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