Thursday, 4 August 2011

Busy Bees

Still hoping that success comes to those who are too busy to go looking for it, I have been occupying myself with a number of widely varied tasks.  In the last twenty four hours I have,

·        Accepted delivery of three grandchildren for an indeterminate  period of time while my grown up daughter trains for a new job

·        Prepared, served and cleared up four meals for six people to eat “al fresco” while providing endless towels for mid meal swims in our paddling pool and refereeing numerous disputes

·        Arranged transport for my sixteen year old son to a youth hostel that, it now transpires, is two hundred and fifty miles away

·        Argued with said sixteen year old, who, having gone for a sleep over at a friends house, has arrived and discovered he has taken no money with him

·        Answered a phone call from a Gok’s fashion fix researcher who, having got my details from a neighbour, wishes to offer me and two friends a makeover, only to find the majority of my friends are running for cover at the very thought.

·       Sent yesterdays blog, “All I need is you” to Antonio Horta Osorio at Lloyds Banking Group, James Quinn business editor of the Telegraph and Sharlene Goff retail banking correspondent for the Financial Times along with Ian Fraser's article about Lloyds sins of the past.

Here’s hoping they are not too busy to read them.

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