Saturday, 25 June 2011

Loveless letters

Another letter from Merrils Ede solicitors has landed on my doorstep and my stomach does an involuntary flip when I spot the corporate frank declaring its origins. Even though I know this letter has arrived as a result of one I sent to them last week, it still sends my adrenalin rushing into overdrive as I prepare myself for yet another round of vindictive abuse from this HBOS appointed henchwoman and her colleagues.

Today these Rottweilers have written to refuse an answer to my enquiry as to whether the Bank of Scotland has instructed them to issue bankruptcy proceedings “without further notice”  as intimated in their last letter. Although I explained I require this information for my Ombudsman complaint,  I have been denied the answer, yet again, on the grounds my request is merely repetitive delaying tactics.   I believe this accusation can only be a Freudian slip on the part of Merrils Ede as it is they who are employing delaying tactics when it comes to making it clear to HBOS we are genuinely without funds. Why resolve this unpleasant situation for me when, by dragging their feet and making repeated demands for money they know we have not got, gives them an infinite number of opportunities to milk their extremely lucrative HBOS cash cow to the tune of £180 per letter?

No doubt Merrils Ede are further frustrated by the fact the Ombudsman has now taken my case and in so doing rendered my file non income producing for them. However, what I find frustrating is, because of a legislative loop-hole, Merrils Edes are unanswerable to anyone for their blatant flaunting of FSA, Office of Fair Trading and government guidelines because they are solicitors. The Solicitors Regulatory Association agrees what they are doing is unpleasant but not illegal and so, in the name of HBOS, they have carte blanche to employ whatever tactics they wish without fear of losing their licence to practice. Little wonder they are happy to say on their website they collect money for their clients irrespective of whether the individuals are “can’t pays” or "won't pays”.

I understand Confucius said, “To see what is right, and not do it is want of courage or of principle.”  And it seems to me the Bank of Scotland has decided to set its stall out with people who have neither. All I can hope for is my courage and principles, along with the Ombudsman sense of what is right, will ultimately win the day.

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