Friday, 17 June 2011

Careful wishes

When my daughter contracted a very visible dose of chicken pox at the age of ten, my youngest son who was age eight at the time, declared if he too caught chicken pox he did not plan to have spots above his belly button.  Smiling indulgently at his fanciful notion I was amazed to discover he had acquired exactly what he wished for only three weeks later when my daughter counted two hundred and thirty chicken pox spots and announced there was not a single blemish above the waist. 

Recalling this remarkable outcome has served to remind me of the importance of formulating my objectives for my ongoing campaign and whilst I appreciate this clarity is imperative to my success, it has become increasingly difficult to achieve recently. Initially my only objective was sanctuary from the relentless creditor bombardment but, two years on, I am still on the receiving end of the HBOS big stick despite my best efforts. For this reason I am now  unsure whether just putting an end to the HBOS beatings would be sufficient recompense for the suffering I have endured but merely a very acceptable start.

During yet another intensive morning at the debt fighting coal face with my invaluable friend Chris, I said “once more unto the breach my friend” as we took up arms in the never ending Battle of the Banks. On this occasion Merrils Ede solicitors were firmly in our sights with yet more evidence, freshly retrieved from my doormat, of their taste for victimising me convinced me their unfaltering objective was to milk their lucrative Bank of Scotland Cash Cow for as much as they can get away with. Today's correspondence shares these findings with the Financial Ombudsman Service because I firmly believe my family’s well being has been irrelevant in their dealings with me and instead provides Merrils Ede endless opportunities to line their pockets.

Aware that although Merrils Ede are only the oppressors of today, I have not lost sight of the fact it isthe Bank of Scotland and Lloyds Banking Group on which I need to focus when crystallising my game plan. 

In an ideal world I would like the following,
  ·      Public exposure of Merrils Ede and the Bank of Scotland's penchant for not differentiating between can’t pay and won’t pay. 
·        Public exposure of Bank of Scotland's unashamed abdication from their responsibilities as lenders to keep me informed on the status of our mortgage because of my wifely status. 
·        Public exposure of Lloyds Bank for joining ranks with HBOS and condoning this behaviour by flitting between the role of persecutor and administrative incompetent for three whole years.

In addition I would like to think there would be some compensation from HBOS for, 

·        Escalating a problem to ten times its original size (see International Woman’s Day) 
·        Unnecessarily repossessing our home when an alternative could have saved it and our future equity. 
·        Blatantly flaunting discriminatory practises against married women.
·        Negligently omitting to advise me to take independent legal advice separately from my husband at outset. 
·        Causing three years of relentless pain and suffering at the hands of their henchmen while fully aware of our vulnerability and our financial plight. 

Above all else, I truly and carefully wish for one thing above all else.  I wish with all my heart that through my writing, I might eventually be heard.  As wishing in this way worked for my son I am hoping, if I am very careful what I wish for, it might also work for me. In the meantime, like Henry the Fifth who tells his men as they go into battle to “set the teeth and stretch the nostril wide” I, with the help of my appointed Ombudswoman and trusty friend Chris, will battle on. 

Here's hoping careful wishes work.

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