Thursday, 26 May 2011

The Curse of the Strong

The Battle of the Banks has re-commenced today with the help of my loyal and talented letter writing friend, Chris. Despite outwardly embracing this conflict, I know in my heart of hearts, it takes a huge toll on my mental health. The price I usually pay for ignoring my overwhelming urge to either crawl under a stone or run for my life, is my hair loss, my sleep and my concentration.  Today is no exception and the first sign of the stress levels rising is a migraine which has already announced its imminent arrival.

Will power along with a chronic aversion to failure sees me through on days like this. However, it does me no favours.  Outwardly coping there is no indication the receipt of just one such letter has snatched the ground from beneath my feet.  Martin Lewis on the Jeremy Vine show referred to it as the ”Curse of the Strong”.  My decision to face these financial bullies, regardless of the cost to my health, is the only logical choice I have if I am intent on exposing the Bank of Scotland's abdication of all responsibilty for a shortfall their actions created . If I don't "stand and deliver" they will, yet again, get away with sweeping their dirty deeds under the carpet.

Today Merrils Ede’s henchwoman is in my firing line because she, with the Bank of Scotland’s blessing, is attempting to heap sufficient pressure on me to prompt an offer  of either a settlement or a payment arrangement. She is doing this by threatening bankruptcy proceedings again despite having financial eveidence which illustrates we are unable to do either. I have no doubt corresponding in this way also allows her an opportunity to rack up substantial ongoing fees.  It’s a “win win” situation as she stands to earn indefinitely from this unrecoverable debt, safe in the knowledge the Bank of Scotland will continue to pay her as long as she gives them the impression we are withholding payment rather than being, as the CAB have so plainly stated, completely without the means to make any offers.

These are the reasons Merrils Ede should not be wasting theirs and tax payers money chasing us at the Bank of Scotland’s behest and it is this information I intend to share with Ms Rottweiler's boss.
·        The case is in dispute and always has been from before the time Merrils Ede took it on two years ago

·        The CAB have repeatedly told her we have no surplus income or assets with which to offer a settlement and they have repeatedly provided Merrils Ede with evidence to this effect.

·        It is against FSA and OFT guidelines to make payment demands from people who have no means of making payments.

·        The Financial Ombudsman is investigating our case against the Bank of Scotland.

·        Because of our financial demise we are experiencing high levels of stress, as indicated in our doctor’s letters of which they have copies, and therefore our mental health is at risk.

     I suspect the Bank of Scotland appointed henchwoman from Merrils Ede has a personal dislike of people who, like me, are unable to pay their debts.  It wouldn’t surprise me if she has assumed high living and extravagance has been the reason for our shortfall and passed a personal judgement we deserve whatever postal punishment she decides to meter out. Whatever her motivation there is one fundamental principal she has yet to appreciate.

      You cannot get blood from a stone.

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