Friday, 13 May 2011

Furious and furiouser

They say strength does not come from winning but from the struggles along the way and it has become clear I am destined to struggle in everything I do if the last three days are an accurate indicator.  The task in hand is to organise the up and coming Prep School Summer Ball and I had no idea putting on event of this kind would be such source of angst for all those concerned as well as an enormous headache for me.
I took up my current role in appreciation of the Bursaries we were awarded by the Headmaster. His actions made it possible for my younger two children to follow in their brother and sisters footsteps by enjoying an independent education which would have otherwise been beyond our means.  Having always believed  every effort should be made to pay ones way, I was happy to help when the Head asked me to consider being the Chairman of their Friends as the previous one had resigned after last year’s ball.
·         How hard could it be for someone with six years experience in the role of Chairman at her children’s previous school?
·         How hard could it be for someone who, at twenty five ran three of her own retail outlets and employed eight staff?
·         How hard could it be for someone who advised four hundred and fifty financial services clients every year?
·         How hard could it be for someone whose working life was spent entirely in a people driven industry?
·         How hard could it be for someone whose previous expertise included the organising of two Charity Balls for the insurance industry?
·         How hard could it be for a mother who had arranged her eldest daughter’s wedding with one hundred and fifty guests, at home, five days after she home delivered her 11lb fifth child?
·          How hard could it be for the one woman debt fighting machine who has endured an armed police response on her drive and claw hammer threatening tradesmen on her door step?
In short it is nigh on impossible.
·         Who would have thought some would do too little and some far too much.
·         Who would have thought some would find a way always to agree while others always object.
·         Who would have thought some would insist it’s always been one way when others insist it’s never stopped being the other.
And who would have thought at a previous summer ball, my predecessor would hit someone when they called her a “fat slag”!
Here’s hoping whatever my struggles are over this year’s Summer Ball,  That which I am calling “gaining experience” avoids being re-branded as "making a big mistake”.  Armed with my plan to court goodwill with good manners to secure a compromise, I am hoping adopting these principals I will not only deliver an enjoyable event but will avoid the need for anyone to throw the first punch!

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