Tuesday, 29 March 2011

A day of rest

Ah ha, at last I have something to hang my hat on and this time it is from Trading Standards!
It all started with an onslaught from National Westminster Bank making payment demands in spite of us having a court decision in our favour stating that this debt is unrecoverable.
Until recently I could not grasp any kind of understanding of this case. Firstly, even though my name was on it, I had no knowledge of this arrangement let alone had use of any of the credit cards. Having resigned myself to this scenario, yet again, I decided to say nothing rather than enter into another battle with my husband. I was, however, even more mystified to find out that "we" had taken Nat West to court via a Birmingham solicitors that we had no previously dealings with. It transpired that my husband had answered an internet advert that had ultimately directed him towards this course of action and we had won our case against Nat West. One might think that this result would mean one less creditor on my list to placate. Wrong! This actually resulted in the debt being sold on so I have had a constant stream of threatening letters from a collection agency since the beginning of this year.
"OK," I thought," time for plan B".
I wrote and fully explained our position. Result, more demands, this time from Nat West, because the collection agency wanted nothing more to do with it. I could feel the stress levels rise in me as I try and resign myself to the fact that some things are beyond my communication skills but, while I am festering over this unpleasant fact, I receive a phone call of mercy that has lifted me out of this hopeless state of mind. Today I can rejoice in the help that the powers that be have sent me. A gift in the form of a call from Trading Standards office about another matter has given me an opportunity to discuss the Nat West bombardment with them. I discover that these bully boy tactics are common place in the banks collection departments these days. I am told that I will now be referred to their enforcement department so that I can give them the full details and in an instant it feels like a wonderful reprieve.
Today has become a day of rest for me. Today I can pass on the fight to someone else and take a much needed break from this never ending onslaught. It is, after all, the first week of my children's Easter break and it feels so good not to have to carry this burden for a while. Today I am able to return to just being a Mum and for this reprieve I am truly grateful. Thank you, thank you, thank you God, the Universe and the powers that be!!

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